Classified data (VS-NfD)

Cost-effective networks for classified data processing and video conferencing

Handling classified data introduces specific data protection requirements for the IT systems. The combination of a Secant-Tangent security gateway and a certified VPN gateway for remote access creates a tailor-made solution for small companies that process restricted data like German VS-NfD, and can easily be extended for classified email and video conferencing using a Chord communication server.

Network cables Secure workstation Security gateway

Vendor independent

A simple security gateway with packet filter and an application-layer gateway, complemented by a certified VPN gateway. Circle Networks integrates Secunet or Genua products as desired.

VS-NfD need not be complicated

The simplest of solutions only needs three devices: a Secant and a Tangent gateway to build the security gateway, plus a certified VPN gateway. The connection to the internet uses any ADSL, cable or fiber router.

Example VS-NfD network

Access from anywhere

Within the local VS-NfD network, any device can be connected using normal cabling. Mobile workstations have encrypted harddisks using smartcards and connect through the local wireless network, any third-party wireless network, or through the cellular network to the local zone.

Data storage and video conferencing

Classified data can be securely stored and shared between users by a Sphere network-attached storage device. Secure video conferences to discuss and share classified information are made possible for all participants — also with remote access — by a Chord communication server.

No need for a public IP

Accessibility also in the cellular network or behind a dual-stack light router: in case the gateway does not have a public IP address, a Circle Networks server facilitates the connection and forwards the data. The encrypted tunnel always exists end-to-end, so there is uncompromised data security.