Securing company data

Cryptographic storage for a secure private cloud

Data are the most valuable assets of a company. They must be protected against theft, but also against loss as a consequence of a ransomware attack, a malfunctioning harddisk, or simply against accidental erasing.

Sphere 3 device Sphere 4 device Networking equipment

State-of-the-art encryption

All data on the device are cryptographically encoded using certificates, making the data unreadable even to anyone who physically get in the posession of a hard disk or the entire appliance. Unlike with the typical public cloud, the keys to restore the original data are not stored on the device itself.

Compatible with any network

Sphere network-attached data servers are independent devices in the network — located on-site, they are under your full control.

Example data storage

Automatic full archiving

Upon each writing or deletion of data, a copy of the previous version is automatically archived. This way, old versions can always be restored — as far back into the past, as the storage capacity of the harddisks allows.

Guaranteed recoverability

Sphere data servers constitute persistent filing: once they have been writen, data are archived without change. Until capacity limits enforce the deletion of the oldest of data, not a single file can thus be changed or permanently removed. Ransomware may be able to store unreadable data from an infected user device, but by no means it can alter the archived versions. All data are thus effectively protected against such attacks.

Easy disk swapping

Redundant harddisks, that can be exchanged while the system is fully operational (hot swapping) are obviously standard.