Infographics and videos

Three types of VPN and why only two of them make sense for company use

Infographic ⋮ October 2022

VPN is a generic label for several different use cases, in which data in transit on the Internet are protected by a tunnel. Three main types exists that should not be mixed up.

Secure networks for small enterprises

Video ⋮ November 2020

Every fourth small enterprise has no form of cyberprotection. The root problem is the lack of security at the network level. Our value proposition in 45 seconds.

Secure email using S/MIME is nowadays easy to use on all platforms and free of charge

Infographic ⋮ February 2019

Still, only a minority encrypts its email, although the process to do so is natively supported by all common email clients. It does not require much to understand how to send email confidentially and how to ensure, that incoming messages are real.

Enterprise cloud usage is growing despite security doubts, yet low-hanging fruit is not being picked

Infographic ⋮ October 2018

Companies expect the cloud to increase flexibility and to reduce cost. Security however is a reason for concern and is blocking a larger proliferation. There are simple measures, but often enough, they are not applied.

German SMEs want to become more cybersecure, but face technology and skill challenges

Infographic ⋮ April 2018

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany are generally aware of the risks of cybercrime, but many have little or no security measures in place. There is a clear correlation with the difficulty to find the right people.