Our responsibility

Our promises for a secure world

At Circle Networks, we believe businesses should be able to reap the benefits of secure digitalisation while using off-the-shelf products. Carefree networking requires plug-and-protect appliances — and confidence in their origin.

Ownership and control

Development and integration in Germany

Circle Networks is privately owned and develops all of its solutions in Germany. The full software of our systems is either open source, or was developed and verified by us. There are no secrets.

Supply chain

Ethical sourcing

In times of globalisation, it is impossible to develop information technology and only integrate locally produced components. Circle Networks seeks to procure system components from within the European Union and always considers the working conditions and the social and political circumstances in the countries of origin — and thus restricts itself to certain trustworthy suppliers.


Product maintainability and recycling

Appliances from Circle Networks are designed for sustainability. Our chassis are made out of metal and all components are screw-mounted, so they can be exchanged if desired and properly recycled at the end of a long life. We use power efficient components and adhere to environmental standards, that go beyond what is required for network equipment.


Character instead of ideology

Circle Networks employs people who have the right work attitude, no matter which nationality or background they have, or how they identify. We use English or official German and have no reason to distort the language.