Remote access

Secure access from anywhere with a single gateway

Secant gateways enable incoming connections from anyone in your organisation, irrespectively of the company or private device used, and supports flexible remote work and bring-your-own-device concepts this way.

Secant 3 LTE device with antenna Secant 3 device Secant 3 device

No passwords? No problem!

User authentication using certificates: a considerable improvement in security and in usability with respect to passwords. If there are no passwords, they need not be entered and they cannot be stolen.

One single appliance

Secure remote access requires just a single Secant 3 gateway. The only prerequisite is an existing Internet connection with the remote worker, for example using a DSL modem at home or through the hot-spot function of a cell phone.

Example remote access

Access from all user devices

Support for all common operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, as well as iOS and Android).

No need for a public IP

Accessibility also in the cellular network or behind a dual-stack light router: in case the gateway does not have a public IP address, a Circle Networks server facilitates the connection and forwards the data. The encrypted tunnel always exists end-to-end, so there is uncompromised data security.