Application-layer gateways


Tangent application-layer gateways (ALG) are the major line of defence to secure your local network. As the evolution of a firewall, they separate the local network from the external world.

The combination of a Tangent application-layer gateway and a Secant gateway constitutes a packet-filter-ALG-packet-filter (PAP) structure: the so-called security gateway — it is the basis for networks that can handle classified data like the German 'VS-Nur für den Dienstgebrauch' (VS-NfD) standard.

Tangent 4

Tangent 4


The compact rack-mountable device shields the local network reliably from the external one. Internet access from the inside out remains possible and internal Chord mail servers can be accessed for sending and receiving messages without any limitation.

Ethernet uplink

6 local network ports

Separate management network

Network address translation

Data inspection and filtering

Source obfuscation

Back view Tangent 4

Back view Tangent 4

FeaturesTangent 4:00:08:00
Form factor 1-RU rack-mountable chassis
Throughput 1 Gbps
Uplink ports 1 - 2 at 1 Gbps
Switch ports 2 - 6 at 1 Gbps
Management ports 1 - 4 RJ45 at 1 Gbps
Management host
Average power consumption 17 W