Carefree networking ⋮ simplify and strengthen


The key to secure-by-design networking is the transparent integration of proven technologies with the switches that build the core of every enterprise network.

The internet was developed for availability and scalability — not for security. Secure switches protect enterprise networks from the inside by creating a zero-trust network and building a controlled tunnel for every single connection. They reduce the need for separate devices like firewalls and client-side or application-layer protection while increasing security.

Secure switches protect out-of-the-box. They help medium-sized enterprises to reduce installation costs and eliminate configuration mistakes that otherwise can leave the network vulnerable after all. Plug and protect, indeed.

Our concept

Making security an integral part of the network

Traditional cybersecurity strategies separate a local network into various parts by adding firewalls, most oftenly creating vulnerabilities because of inappropriate configuration. Remote connections are facilitated by VPN tunnels at the outer perimeter of the network. For security reasons, many companies rule out local WiFi in the first place.

The key to simplified network architectures and thus reduced cost at improved security is the integration of protective technologies with the network switches, rather than locating them on additional firewalls and VPN clients. With access switches becoming security devices themselves, attacks by intruders from a compromised host within the local network can be prevented, whereas firewalls only protect when zoning boundaries are being crossed and VPN solutions only protect against attackers from outside.

Secure switches connect all hosts in the network, wired and wireless, across zones and locations, covering the functionality of internal firewalls, network address translation (NAT) routers, and data protection. The result is a simpler network: easier and more cost-effective to operate, with improved security and increased user friendliness.

Plug-and-protect switches and WiFi access points are compatible with existing internet protocols, so they harden any network without architecture changes or the need for special expertise with the operator.

Corporate use cases

Plug and protect