Secure switching ⋮ connect and conceal


Circle Networks’ Secant suite of secure switches is based on the newest concepts of software-defined networking. As a one-stop solution, it augments switching tasks with security features that cover all VPN functionality, but go decisive steps further. Intruders are kept from observing traffic, from learning about the network structure and its assets, and from moving laterally from one node to the next.

The switches, virtualised routers for cloud applications and fixed and mobile WiFi access points connect hosts to a network independent of age, technology standard or software generation. In replacing access switches, no network architecture changes are needed. And by avoiding the need for client agents, plug-and-play ease-of-use is provided and user acceptance is maximised.

Our product suite

Secant: out-of-the-box protection

Secure switches work in direct vicinity of the end points and thus protect the network from the inside — unlike firewalls or VPN.