Participate in the value proposition of plug-and-protect networking

What has been missing so far, is a secure-by-design solution that combines readily available security technologies to simplify networking.

Circle Networks' core offering is to protect existing corporate networks against cybercrime. The product is a suite of secure switches, based on the newest concepts of software-defined networking. As a one-stop solution, it augments switching tasks with security features that cover all VPN functionality, but go decisive steps further. The switches, virtualised routers for cloud applications and fixed and mobile WiFi access points connect hosts to a network independent of age, technology standard or software generation. In replacing access switches, no network architecture changes are needed. And by avoiding the need for client agents, plug-and-protect ease-of-use is provided and user acceptance is maximised.

Key points

Circle Networks

  • Early-phase start-up with a concrete value proposition
  • First revenues with positive contribution
  • High-growth — over 10% p.a. — market
  • Initially targeting medium-sized enterprises — a segment with confirmed unmet needs
  • Scalable in a world market of about €100bn
  • Product development on track, bringing the benefits from the latest developments in open networking to the market
  • Experienced management with a 20+ years background in safety-critical engineering and corporate management

Infographic ⋮ Circle Networks for investors

A quick-look overview on the market, our value proposition, segmentation and positioning, envisaged schedule and on our background.

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Supporting private investors

Circle Networks has been qualified by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWi) to be eligable for INVEST grants, which reimburse private, European investors for up to 20% of their initial investment and compensate for profit taxation upon exit after three to ten years.

To medium-sized enterprises that have difficulty to make their networks secure, Circle Networks offers switches and WiFi access points that protect networks from the inside against cyberattacks, supporting existing architectures and taking the operational burden away from the user.

Brochure and business plan

Participating in a European company with a tangible product

After closing its seed round and relocating to Berlin, Circle Networks is now focusing on product development. Yet, we continue to be open for getting to know business angels and early-phase venture capital investors, who are looking for the opportunities of a young company and value a down-to-earth business plan. Please get in touch to request our 8-page investor's brochure or the unabridged business plan.