For resellers

Channels for the future of networking

More than 90% of all companies are medium-sized — accounting for more than half of the total B2B market. Yet, for cybersecurity, they have few places to go.

Circle Networks is setting up its future sales channels. We are looking for IT service providers and value-added resellers, who address medium-sized enterprises with network solutions. We offer an integrated suite of plug-and-protect solutions that protect networks from the inside while taking the implementation burden away from the operator. Based on high-performance hardware for wired switches and WiFi access points, our solutions can drastically reduce total cost of ownership with the end users and increase security at the same time.

Key points

Circle Networks

  • Products with highest-possible performance from leveraging the latest open networking technology and bare-metal hardware
  • Cost-effectiveness by applying commodified hardware without proprietary development
  • Improved end user protection by turning access points into security devices themselves
  • Improved user friendliness by eliminating the manual configuration of security features
  • European company with total transparency — digital sovereignty without backdoors
  • Traceable, reliable products due to engineering working practices

To medium-sized enterprises that have difficulty to make their networks secure, Circle Networks offers switches and WiFi access points that protect networks from the inside against cyberattacks, supporting existing architectures and taking the operational burden away from the user.


The integrated solution for medium-sized enterprises

Circle Networks is welcoming IT service providers and value-add resellers, who want to pave the way for their customers to plug-and-protect networking. Get in touch and we are happy to send you the printed version of our 8-page product brochure.